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"Bojentsi" Guest houses

If you are looking to stay in a place, where history and hospitality combines in one, then your place is Bojentsi Guest houses. Nestled in architectural and historical reserve, Bojentsi Guest houses are not the typical hotel or accommodation. Only 16 km from the city of Gabrovo, our 6 houses “open” their doors for you and give you the opportunity to “walk” through the past centuries. The history “strength and power” can be felt and experienced in every corner of each of the houses. Staying in “Bojentsi” Guest houses, you will enjoy piece, be able to recharge with the energy of the nature, feel the energy of the place and the power it radiates and leave full of new emotions, and positive feelings. And you will want to visit us again, and again!

“Ivan Karadimitrov” Guest house

“Maria Savekova” Guest house from XIX century

“Maria Savekova” Guest house from XVIII century

The romantic surroundings at “Bojentsi” Guest houses is equally strong during all seasons of the year. In Spring time, nascent life will greet you as you sip off your morning coffee, and the birds’ song will be heart throughout the village. The aromas of the growing grass and the flowers blooming around will take you to another reality. In Summer time you will be generously endowed with sunshine, but at the same time you will feel the fresh breeze coming from the tops of Stara Planina mountain. Autumn draws our houses in different colors and brings each guest to a different reality as they walk on a carpet of colorful leaves in bright red, yellow, orange and brown. During Winter, under the snow, our 6 guest houses are a comfortable and heart-warming place, sending each guest in a different winter fairy-tale. The cobbled streets leading to each of the houses can “meet” you with a deer, passing undisturbed through the village. “Bojentsi” Guest houses are the right choice for a holiday, family weekend or a romantic gateway, for friends or just for a short stay during the week. Each of the 6 houses has comfortable beds, a fully equipped kitchen, dining and cooking facilities, and last but not least, free of charge high speed WI FI.

“Tsana Mihova” Guest house

“Ivantsa Boncheva” Guest house

“Petko Kichukov” Guest house

“Bojentsi” Guest houses are with different capacity, as the largest one is “Ivan Karadimitrov” Guest house, with an area of 260 sq.m and can accommodate up to 15 people, while “Tsana Mihova” Guest house has an area of 70 sq.m and is suitable for up to 4 people. You can read more about the individual features of our houses here.
Each of our 6 Guest houses have a spacious yard, where the spring-summer seasons are magical to be experienced.

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